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About Mandya

Mandya is a headquarters city in the Indian State of Karnataka in the Mandya District. This city is located at a distance of 40 km from Mysore and 100 km from Bangalore. The city is also known as “Sakkare Nadu” which in local language means city of sugar, as sugar cane is chief cultivated crop here.

The city is located at 12.52°N 76.9°E with an average elevation of 678 meters which is 2,224 feet.
The city has a total population of 131,211. The male population consists of 51% of the total population and 49% is the female population. In the city 11% of the total population is under the age of 6 years old. The city has an average literacy rate of 73%.

History of Mandya

The existence of city goes back 75 years ago.  The city recently celebrated its Amurtha Mahotsav. The stupendous KRS dam was built by vishveshwara in Mandya. There are a lot of places of historical importance. In 2016 the Archeological Survey of India excavated another statue of Bahubali which is 13 feet tall. Bahubali is a revered figure amongst the Jains. He was the son of Adinath the first tirthankaram of Jainism and the younger brother of Bharatha Charavarith. The excavation of the site is expected to be completed by 2018.  The Archeological Survey has excavated another statue which is 3 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall.

Economy of Mandya

Famous for the first hydroelectricity project in India this city has seen its fair share of growth and progress.  Mandya’s total GDP is 58.48 billion contributing 2% to the state GDP. Its per capita annual income in the district being 46,049.

Agriculture is a focus area in Mandya with Sericulture, Animal Husbandry and Food Processing sectors the driving elements. The city has a cultivation of various crops like ragi, jowar, bajra etc and various commercial crops like sugar cane, coconut, pulses, vegetables and fruits. 

Mandya is now an emerging hub in the food processing and sericulture industries.  It has the oldest sugar factory in Karnataka with a capacity of producing up to 5,000 tons of sugar per day and it contributes to an annual production of 26, 00,000 metric tons of sugar produced each year.  

Mandya ranks third in Karnataka for its Sericulture production. The practice of sericulture is well protected here with various technological aspects. The temple town also has a healthy flow of visitor all round the year. Hence, tourism also becomes a source of income in this city.

How to reach Mandya

By Air
Instead of flying to Mandya we can get a flight easily to the city of Mysore. The Mysore airport is at a distance of 38 km from the city of Mandya. We can also get a flight to the city of Bangalore whose airport is at a distance of 92 km from the city.

By Rail
There are regular trains available to the city of Mandya from various major cities in the country. The city I swell connected with other parts of the state as well with regular trains available throughout the state and district. The railway station of the city comes under the jurisdiction of South-Indian Railways. 

By Road
The city also has the facilities of buses. There are regular buses available to the city from other major towns and cities in the state as well as other villages and towns in the district. There buses also available which connect the city to other major cities in the country.  

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